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Les peintres et la bière / Painters and beer

- Boek -

Serge Lemoine, Bernard Marchand
Editions d'Art Somogy
ISBN: 9782850563508
Taal: Frans/Engels
Focus: kunst
Pagina's: 208

Beer in Paintings? Wine is the usual accompaniment to art. Yet beer is no less present in paintings, from noble subjects to everyday scenes, from portraits to still lifes. Beer is certainly as old as wine, definitely as famous, and may actually have been more widely drunk throughout the world. Why not try to show the links between beer and painting? And trace its history though painted and drawn images, from the growing and harvesting of its ingredients, hop and barley, to its production, and finally, its consumption in all its many forms, from earliest Antiquity to the present day. -- uit de introductie "About Beer" door Serge Lemoine

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