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Taking Craft Beer Global

Accelerating the Internationalization Process for Newly Formed Subsidiaries

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Jacob Collier
31 augustus 2017
Taal: Engels
Focus: Lagunitas
Url: https://scripties.uba.uva.nl/download?fid=656284

Supervisor(s) M. Paukku
Faculteit FEB / Onderzoeksinstituut Amsterdam Business School
Graad master

A company project for: Lagunitas Brewing Company

The explosion of craft beer in the United States over the past decade has allowed for an entire industry to be re-thought, re-tooled, and reinvigorated with a passion that hasn’t been seen in over one hundred years. This market is now experiencing a tipping point, a state of over saturation, that is placing pressure on the breweries to increase quality, expand distribution, improve marketing strategies, all while providing a product at a price that appeals to the consumer. Breweries are having to make the difficult decision on how to support further growth to maintain competitive whether it be internal reinvestment, taking outside money, or leveraging debt through a financial institution. The company at focus of this research project is a California based brewery, The Lagunitas Brewing Company. Lagunitas has grown over the past twenty years to become a top ten brewery in the United States with ambitions to take their products across the globe. In doing so, Lagunitas first created a joint venture with Heineken, the second largest brewer in the world, and two years later became a wholly owned subsidiary of Heineken. Lagunitas is now operating under the control of a multinational and must efficiently navigate this new corporate environment by capitalizing on the opportunities that it provides for globalization. Hence, this study concentrates and analyzes how firms go about internationalization and the various foreign direct investments that will enhance the experience. Moreover, in order to boost the involvement within a multinational corporation, this paper dives into the effects and resulting relationships a subsidiary has when they take on additional initiative. Additionally, the study concentrates on the significant of knowledge flow and how becoming an outsider can affect overall performance. The results of this paper originate from the secondary research, interviews and, experiences from both Lagunitas and Heineken’s different business units including operations, sales, and export. The findings are presented as recommendations for Lagunitas so they can successfully operate and grow while maintaining a strong relationship with their new parent company. The findings cover subsidiary behavior, vertical and horizontal communication, and the access of knowledge.


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