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Overzicht van boeken, tijdschriften, artikelen, biernieuws, et cetera relevant voor de Nederlandse Biercultuur.

Beer in The Netherlands 2 - 2022 Updates

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Tim Skelton
maart 2022
Skelton Ink, Eindhoven
Taal: Engels
Pagina's: 36

Editorial note and disclaimer:
This update is designed to be read alongside Beer in the Netherlands 2 (Skelton Ink, 2020; available from SkeltonInk.eu), and page references in brackets refer to that guide. It is intended to give a (necessarily) brief overview of the many changes that have occurred. Space restrictions mean that complete write-ups of all the new brewers, beers, bars and shops will have to wait until resources permit a full third edition. For now, we only list basic details, and only those beers from new brewers that have really caught our eye and we consider worth tracking down. If you think we have missed anyone, please let us know.

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Tim Skelton

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