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Persbericht - Superb-Owl: Low alcohol, full impact

- Persbericht -

1 februari 2021
Uiltje Brewing Company

[afbeelding 1 Uiltje releases Superb-Owl, our low alcohol, low calorie IPA.]

[afbeelding 2 blik]

Today is an exciting day in the Uiltje Universe. More than a year after our core line-up was established, we decided to add a last moment pinch-hitter. And not just anyone, no siree bub! Superb-Owl entered the playing field, and he's determined to play and stay. With just 0.2% ABV, this thirst-quenching IPA clocks in at under 85 calories a can - but he's far from being a lightweight. Equipped with Amarillo, Citra, Mosaic, and powered by Nelson Sauvin, this ale promises you low alcohol with full impact, any minute of the game, wherever you decide to play.

[afbeelding 3]

It's not the size of the bird in the fight, but the size of the fight in the bird. And this owl's got serious bite! A 0.2% IPA that assures a Superhero punch without the dizzy aftermath. Hair of the dog never tasted so good before. A refreshingly low-alcohol, low-calorie IPA that keeps you punting all night long. Hut hut hike!

Uiltje Brewing Company Superb-Owl will be available year-round, starting the 3th of February. Huddle up!

[afbeelding 4]

Would you like to know more? Shoot us an email at superbowl@uiltjecraftbeer.com

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Uiltje Brewing Company

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