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BT's Franconian Anstich Fest 2022



21 mei 2022

Georganiseerd door: Butcher's Tears

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Provincie: Noord-Holland


@Butcher's Tears Amsterdam

...meer bierevenementen uit het verleden...


zaterdag 21 mei 2022 van 14.00 - 22.00 uur

The return of the best Franconian Kellerbiers to Amsterdam.

Fränkische Gemütlichkeit!
Das Bier muss fließen – few beer cultures that have perfected the art of balancing flavour and relaxation, creating beers that sustain and nurture conversations. Made up from more than 300 mostly small family breweries (often going back more than a century or two) Franconias commitment to their local brewing customs has given us wonderfully distinct, sessionable and most importantly great tasting beers. Brewed from local ingredients, the flavours range from bright-floral, herbal hopped beers with honeyed malts, mahagony-coloured Rauchbier, refreshingly bitter Exports to young, subtle and malt-layered Lagerbiers with rustic yeast touches thereby clearly differentiate one village flavour and outlook from the next.

Beers and Breweries
Expect a wonderful variety of small-scale Franconian breweries making some rewarding and consummate Kellerbier, Lagerbier, Export, Festbier, Rauchbier, Marzen, Helles and Dunkles in existence. Some breweries: Hartleb, Scharpf, Gradl, Schlenkerla, Zehendner, Geyer, Roppelt, Lieberth, …

The fest is a fully-seated outdoor event in enjoyable and relaxing atmosphere. With the ticket you’ll receive your own special occassion 50 cl (Willi Becher) glass with gold rim, six tokens and a table seat.


Ticket: € 29,00 (entrance, seat, glassware, 6 beer tokens)

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