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Stichting Erfgoed Nederlandse Biercultuur

Carnivale Brettanomyces 2022 (datum nog niet bekend, invite only)

Bierevenement (België)



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Datum nog niet bekend, geen festival zoals andere jaren.

Hi all, how are you?

We are, not surprisingly, getting questions on whether Carnivale is taking place this year and when that would be. There is some good and some bad news. This year's Carnivale is taking place, but in a completely different format. We'll move out of Amsterdam to a very secret location in Belgium. It will be small scaled, hence Covid. And it will be focussed completely on brewers and alikes only. And frankly, this new project excites us.

In other words, we are afraid that there won't be a general public being involved in this year's edition. If you feel you belong the the 'brewers and alikes', check your spam folders and if that doesn't help, please forgive us and send us a message. If you sadly enough do not have weird shaped jars with even weirder starch eating creatures on your kitchen or work floor, let's see what next year will bring. Godspeed!

Team goat.

(Facebook, 9 februari 2022)

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