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Stichting Erfgoed Nederlandse Biercultuur

Poolside Brewing


Opgericht: 2020

Etiketten: Bieretiketten.nl
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KvK-registratie: Poolside Brewing (81170181)

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Provincie: Noord-Holland

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Van Ostadestraat 388 3
1074 XB Amsterdam


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Opgericht in 2020. Het eerste bier, Fine By Me, komt in februari 2021 op de markt.

De bieren worden thuis ontwikkeld en daarna gebrouwen bij een andere brouwerij.

Our Poolside protolab in Amsterdam is a small (tiny) brewery where we spend months (sometimes years) honing every recipe to perfection. We experiment, tweak and taste until a recipe is just right and then we work with a big brewery to scale it up and bring Poolside to life.

Why so small?
We don’t have an industrial premises or overheads to worry about so our focus is always 100% on the beer. Small batches allow us to flex our creative muscles and play fast and loose with new ingredients and styles. We take risks, push boundaries and we have the flexibility to constantly experiment and evolve. We brew ideas as much as we brew beer. This approach to brewing inspired the design of the ’S’ in our logo. The fluid line represents both constant and spontaneous movement, it is dynamic and flexible - just like us!

What about the big breweries - who are they?
We only work with independent brewers who we trust and respect and we work closely with them to scale our recipes for their systems. We don’t work with any one specific brewery, we are nomads. We will always be transparent about where our beer is brewed so check the can if you are interested.





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