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Stichting Erfgoed Nederlandse Biercultuur

Boys Bier


Opgericht: 2016

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Naam samenwerkingsverband KvK: Boys Bier (65362594)


Provincie: Noord-Holland

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Korte Papaverweg 15
1032 KA Amsterdam


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Een initiatief van design studio La Bolleur, zoals te lezen valt op hun website: "La Bolleur is a multidisciplinary design studio, founded by a group of thinkers and makers that take having fun seriously. This eclectic collective of designers evolved from organizing parties and dinners during their study at Design Academy Eindhoven to a -teamwork makes the dream work- office that applies the skills of each individual member in projects that involve graphic-, product- and spatial design. Their aim to create a pleasant world using creativity is embedded in commissioned projects as well as autonomous works. La Bolleur achieved international recognition with their Mini Golf Club in Milan and were awarded a Dutch Design Award for best integrated brand communication. Expect anything. The boys of La Bolleur are serious dreamers. To serve our own friends and their friends in our clubhouse, we realised one of our dreams: our own beer brand. By staying true we connected to a broader audience than we could imagine. Starting of as an idea that seemed impossible, Boys Bier can now be ordered at several venues around Amsterdam and found its way to Paris, Wiesbaden and New Delhi."


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