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Stichting Erfgoed Nederlandse Biercultuur

Club Craft Bright Magic 2023



3 juni 2023

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Georganiseerd door: De Bierbrigadier

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Provincie: Noord-Brabant



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zaterdag 3 juni 2023 van 13.00 - 23.00 uur

In February 2023 Club Craft dove deep into The Dark Arts of brewing during the first Club Craft festival. And to bring some balance to the diet Club Craft is welcoming you into the light. Like the last Club Craft event invites some of their favorite brewers to brew and/or release a festival special on this day. Something bright, something light. Something to make you float a little bit. Add to that some magical decorations and fun entertainment and you have all the ingredients for a delightful potion. These beers will again be stuffed into a festival-pack to take (or have sent) home to enjoy in the comfort of your own realm.


Early Bird Ticket: € 19,06 (entree + 2 munten)
Early Bird Ticket: € 39,46 (entree + 10 munten)
Early Bird Ticket Pro: € 77,71 (entree + 25 munten)

Tickets via: https://tibbaa.com/order/zjrwpwz2vd

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