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Carnivale Brettanomyces 2023



15 juni 2023 - 18 juni 2023

Georganiseerd door: Carnivale Brettanomyces

Provincie: Noord-Holland


@diverse locaties Amsterdam

...meer bierevenementen uit het verleden...


Carnivale Brettanomyces is a wild beer festival dedicated to deviant fermentation. This years celebration takes place throughout Amsterdam Noord. Praise the goat!

Several lectures, tastings, panels and workshops. Accompanying beers and/or tasters will be served at all events and are included in the ticket price.

Practical Information

This years festivities consist of many events spread over venues in Amsterdam Noord within 3-10 minutes cycling (or 5-20 minutes walking) from each other.*

In general no entry ticket is necessary to attend and taste the many different beers, ciders and liquids on offer. Besides these free-to-attend events many ticketed lectures, tastings and screenings will take place throughout the four days. Please refer to the program to find more information and ensure attendance as capacity might be limited. Event starting times are scheduled so as to allow you to move between venues if necessary.

The selection of beers and producers differs from event to event. Refer to the program to find the detailed overview where to taste which breweries liquids. A small and changing selection of festival beers and ciders will also be available at participating venues at all times.

First time attending?
If the multitude of events feels overwhelming, you might want to start with attending the Opening Party, Homebrew market or Friday and Saturday Garden Fests. Here many producers will pour their creations. Another good choice is the Bottle Conditioned movie screening, which will give you a 80 minute speed introduction to spontaneously fermented Lambic beers or you could choose to attend a tasting led by one of the producers themselves. And then, just pick a lecture of your interest and jump in.

While Carnivale Brettanomyces was initially born solely focused on beer, since then our horizons have expanded together with the experiments and knowledge of the many attending producers.

* while walking is possible, cycling is recommended

Participating brewers, blenders, wine- and cidermakers

3 Fonteinen • Ale Apothecary • Antidoot • Ascension Cider • Balance Brewing • Boerenerf Eylenbosch • Bofkont • Bokke • Cantillon • Chien Bleu • Cidrerie Jara • Dok Brewing • Domaine Tissot • Donck • Drap Wijnen • Eik & Tid • Elegast • Epochal • Kemker Kultuur • Kromme Haring • La Malpolon • l’Apaisee • Le Soupir • Lervig • Levain • Lost Horizon • Montagnarde • Nevel • Okidoki • Oriel • Schneeeule • Studio Oedipus • Tommie Sjef • Wild Creatures • …

Homebrewers & Fermenters Market

280 project • August Farmhouse brewing • Bakkum fermentation • barriques d’été • Bart’s Brouwsels • bokkoli • Braaf Brewery • Brett et al. • Bretty Fingers • Brouwerij Gevel • Conscious Ales • Coolship St. Catherine • Debris Hills • Duron Blending • Elixer • Epicurus • Fermentation Projekt Fabian Kovacs (FK) • Frescrew Brewing • HeBrews • Hedonism Homebrewing • wild cider Epicurus • Holy Forest • Hopsylvania • Horner Bier • Humble beer • Jotner • Sobremesa Drinks • Monster Brews • Moryson Ferments • Paradise Brews. • Pleasanti Street • Šnek projects • Spooky brewing • Symbiose • t Pomphuizeke • Terroir Blending • Vermeersch • Warpstone Alchemy – Norwich Amateur Brewers • Wilderwald • WOFD Vergistingen • and 18 others …



Oedipus Taproom & Festival Wild Beer Bar
Thu 16-23 • Fri-Sat 14-1 • Sun 14-23
Gedempt Hamerkanaal 85, 1021 KP Amsterdam

Taverno Willibecher
Wed-Thu 17-1 • Fri-Sat 15-3 • Sun 14-20**
Papaverhoek 31, 1032 JZ Amsterdam

Walhalla Taproom
Thu 16-24 • Fri-Sat 14-24 • Sun 14-21
Spijkerkade 10, 1021 JS Amsterdam

Oedipus Barrelroom*
see ‘Oedipus Taproom’ above

Chateau Karlito*
Thu-Sat 11-18:30
Van der Pekstraat 72, 1031 EE Amsterdam

Chateau Amsterdam*
Johan van Hasseltweg 51, 1021 KN Amsterdam

FC Hyena*
Aambeeldstraat 24, 1021 KB Amsterdam

Aambeeldstraat 30, 1021 KB Amsterdam

Studio Oedipus/Warehouse*
Schaafstraat 19, 1021 KD Amsterdam

OkiDoki Brewery*
Kraanschip Ibisweg 10, 1033 RB Amsterdam


Bierproeflokaal In de Wildeman
Mon-Thu 12-24 • Fri-Sat 12-1 • Sun (closed)
Kolksteeg 3, 1012 PT Amsterdam

venues serving festival beers/ciders/…
* lecture, tasting and screening locations only (ticketed)
** adjusted opening times during the festival


Tickets via website.

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