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Stichting Erfgoed Nederlandse Biercultuur

European Beer Consumers' Union (EBCU)

Samenwerkingsverband (Verenigd Koninkrijk)

Opgericht: 1990

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EBCU is a non-political, non-religious organisation formed in May 1990 by the national beer consumer in Bruges, Belgium, by three national beer organisations: CAMRA (United Kingdom), Objectieve Bierproevers (Belgium, now Zythos) and PINT (Netherlands), to give voice to the beer consumer at the European level, both within and beyond the European Union (EU).

In 2008, the member organisations signed up to a constitution which defined the formal aims and structure and the role of traditional beer as a prime component of European culture, history and daily life.

In 2018, Bo Jensen replaced Henri Reuchlin as chairman of EBCU.

The union campaigns on European level to:

  • To preserve and maintain the diversity of the traditional European beer cultures, with particular regard to local, regional and national brewing and beer styles
  • To protect the consumer from the imposition of unfair pricing by opposing unreasonable taxation or exploitative business practices
  • To ensure that the consumer receives the best factual information about any beer on commercial sale
  • EBCU will take whatever steps as necessary, including lobbying, advertising, publishing or other campaigning methods, to gain the widest possible support for these Aims and Objectives.

Please check Manifesto for more information.

EBCU has now expanded to include 18 like-minded national groups from Austria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Sweden and Switzerland.

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