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Solle Brewing


Opgericht: 2019

Etiketten: Bieretiketten.nl
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Provincie: Zeeland




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Solle Brewing is een Braziliaans initiatief dat gebrouwen wordt in Nederland, bij brouwerij Hoop in Zaandijk. Bij iedere verkochte batch worden 200 nieuw bomen geplant.

It all started with an analysis of the global beer market.

When we began to notice that the Brazilian beer market was little open to new styles, and rather concentrated to the popular mass market brews, we searched an alternative destination for our own production. We decided to turn to Europe. Europe is different and is very receptive to try “the unknown”. The always present eagerness to create in Europe, and available crowds that will enjoy our product, underlined our choice.

In the European market we see a higher level of maturity in relation to the way people consume. Generally, this makes people going after new experiences and have an own opinion about a product instead of just going with the “influencers” lines of thought.

Our mission is to produce great beers, irrespective of the style. Our focus will always be to create a range of beers that bring a new experience to the consumer, whether it is a classic style, a known one, an aging in a different barrel, or even our own way of making it.

It is thát, what we wish to share with you!





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