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Umami Gastronomic Beers


Opgericht: 2018
Gestopt: 2021

Etiketten: Bieretiketten.nl
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KvK-registratie: Umami Gastronomic Beer (70593310)

Provincie: Noord-Holland




Brouwerijhuurder met een focus op gastronomie. Of het nu het bier zelf is dat de volledige gastronomische ervaring biedt of de manier waarop het met voedsel combineert.

Op de website van de brouwerij valt te lezen:

"I rely on my better half, who puts up with me letting her taste all the experimental stuff, a sparring partner and fellow flavor and smell specialist who is also investor, there are a few creative geniuses to design the beer labels and logo’s. Then there is the experienced brewer who lets me use his equipment because without it, I wouldn’t be a gypsy brewer.

We create beers in a way that we would create our own dishes, designs or perfect drinks. Constantly trying to get the right compositions, the equations that balance themselves out but leaving a spark in the process. Leaving you with an experience when you finish your drink. We’re fully focused on what’s important and we are passionate about what we are creating. There is no commercial compromise, if it gets more complex/inefficient/expensive to get good, it apparently should.

We truly believe that you can’t love what you can’t hate, meaning, we go for beers with character. There is a chance that you will not like that character. That’s why we put all flavor and aroma profiles on our labels including the aging process and moments of drinking, so you’ll have a good impression of what you’ll find when you pop that cap or pull that tap.

Where wine for decades had the gastronomical monopoly, we truly believe that beer deserves just as much."





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