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Fine By Me

Biertype: India Pale Ale (USA)
Smaakcategorie: Blond & Krachtig

Verpakking: Blik

Dit bier werd gebrouwen in 2021.

Double Dry Hopped IPA

"We wanted to make a DDH IPA that sings. Tropical, hoppy and thick, but with enough bitterness and piney, herbal notes to really zip. Fine By Me was hit with three dry hop charges: 1. the all-star combination of Mosaic and Simcoe to provide a foundation of grapefruit, pine, and berries 2. our new favourites Idaho 7 and Sabro - the pungent tropical flavours of Idaho 7 amplify the pina colada and pineapple notes brought by Sabro, and finally 3. a significant charge of Citra to bring the whole medley together. The final effect is like sticking your head in a fresh bag of hops."


  water, pilsmout, golden promise mour, havervlokken, tarwemout, dextrine, hop (Mosaic, Simcoe, Idaho 7, Sabro, Citra), 1318 gist


Poolside Brewing

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