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Stichting Erfgoed Nederlandse Biercultuur


Thuile Pinot Noir BA

Biertype: Saison
Smaakcategorie: Intens & Uitdagend

Biertypering(en): Barrel Aged

Verpakking: Fles

Dit bier werd gebrouwen in 2017.

"Thuile Wine Barrel Aged is a dry citrusy Farmhouse Ale conditioned on lime zest and hopped with Sterling and Sorachi Ace and aged on French Pinot Noir Barrels for 6 months. Thuile is also a French steam locomotive designed by Monsieur Thuile in 1899. Who managed to kill himself while sticking his head out the window of the locomotive and hit a rail post during one of the trail runs. The locomotive was scrapped before it was taken into service. So people, keep all body parts inside the train at all times!"




LOC Brewery

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