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Flaming Ass Owl

Biertype: Porter
Smaakcategorie: Intens & Uitdagend

In productie: Ja

Verpakking: Fles

Dit bier wordt gebrouwen sinds 2014.

Imperial Porter met enkele van de heetste chili pepers. "We know what you're going to say, and you're right: this is not a beer for the weak-kneed pilsner sipper. And that's okay. But despite the less-than-subtle promise of butt-clenching discomfort, this 10% imperial porter will not melt an ice sickle of the beak of an emperor penguin in June. This is because our lab rats have found a way to tame the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion pepper that goes into this flaming mess by mixing it with chocolate, coffee and roasted grains. Making ass-owl more soft burner than flamethrower, delivering just enough bunghole pinch to bring a smile to a grumpy man's face."


  water, gerstemout, haver, hop, trinidat scorpion peper, gist


Uiltje Brewing Company

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