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Top Wild To Be Mild

We got together with our friends from Chain House Brewing Co to celebrate the simple things in life. Simpler things such as a Mild Ale. A Great British brew of 3-3,5% that is both accessible and complex, giving the hops a little back-seat to let the malts shine. But being the rebellious bunch we are, we wanted to crank it up a bit. And by a bit, we meant to create an IMPERIAL MILD ALE. Clocking in at a WHOPPING 7,2% ABV, This beer becomes a beast of a different nature. Adding hefty notes of caramel accompanied by hints of coffee, raisins and toasted nuts, one could say this beer has become a little bit too wild to be mild. And to anyone saying that, we would reply, “you might be right, but so what?”.


100 Watt Brewery

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