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Stichting Erfgoed Nederlandse Biercultuur


Reckless Whispers

Biertype: Sour - Smoothie / Pastry

Biertypering(en): Collaboration

Verpakking: Blik, Fust

Dit bier werd gebrouwen in 2023.

Gebrouwen bij:

"Bierol was the first brewery to attend our first festival in 2017, and now they came back for a Tap Take Over and a collab. They thought we were going to brew a Pöwidl-style stout with poppy seeds and purple plum jam, but somehow that got completely lost in a game of Chinese Whispers, because we planned on a bright yellow plum pastry sour with vanilla. It still turned out great, and it gives us a reason to travel to Tirol soon to brew that stout!"


Baxbier Bierol

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