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Tiramisu Sweet Stout

Biertype: Stout - Other

Biertypering(en): Collaboration, Limited Edition

Verpakking: Fles

Grandma's cooking recipes vol.3, brewed with Kompaan.

Every good boy longs for an Italian grandmamma, a fleshy and huggable kitchen queen who worships unconditionally and cooks with mucho gusto. For grandma's cooking recipes vol.3 we roadtripped with the boys from Kompaan Beer to Treviso for a truly authentic slice of tiramisu and then distilled this coffee-flavored calamity into a dark syrupy wintertime ale. Coffee? Check! Cocao? Check! Amaretto and ladyfingers? Check double check! Cuz hey, grandma don't cut corners. This limited-run vol.3 series has love handles to hold and will linger sweetly on your lips like an Antonioni heroine. Non ci piove. "

" Google translate it, amico!


  Gerstemout, roggemout, haver, cacao, Amaretto, hop, water, koffie en gist


Uiltje Brewing Company

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