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Whale Shark

Biertype: IPA - New England / Hazy
Smaakcategorie: Fris & Fruitig

Serie: Cambrian Series

Verpakking: Blik, Fust

Dit bier werd gebrouwen in 2022.

Extra NEIPA. The creamiest, juiciest, silkiest New England IPA from Kromme Haring yet. Next to their steady series of NEIPAs they wanted to experiment and see how far they could delve into the creamy depths of this beer style. They call it an EXTRA NEIPA; aside from the usual oats, they added specialty grains such as emmer and chit malt to give this beer an ultra luxurious mouthfeel. With Citra and Idaho-7 in the dryhop, this beer hits you with juicy, fruity, dank aromas.




Brouwerij De Kromme Haring

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