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A Columbus Colosseum

Biertype: India Pale Ale (USA)
Smaakcategorie: Blond & Krachtig

Serie: Fresh & Fast

Verpakking: Blik

Dit bier werd gebrouwen in 2022.

Fresh & Fast release 10 februari 2022

Have we ever told the story of how our owls saved Rome? No? Sit down and let me tell you are very true story. It was on Facebook. A group of noble owls travelled to Rome to deliver a crate of the freshest beer in all of the Republic. Bacchus got his grapes, but brave Owlius got his hops. Guided by Owlius the group crossed the Rubicon, clipped over a mailbox, and entered the city. Arriving at the Forum they double parked their carriage on the foot of the Palantine, like true heroes do. Making their way through all the plebians, they burst open the iron doors of the senate to tell the senators what’s what. BLAMO! There was Owlius, holding up the Columbus Colosseum and announcing the arrival of Rome’s tastiest! All the eyes of the senate were now on him. ‘Oy, what’s up with all the knives? Have you folks been drinking wine again?’ he said. The senators nodded. Owlius opened up a can and the odor of sharp incense and old people stench was quickly replaced with the smell of fresh hops. They all ordered pizza. A slice each. But not Brutus. He ‘ate two’.
First of all props for the people who got that ‘ate two’ reference. But all craziness on a stick, we are proud to announce the next destination in our Fresh & Fast journey: The Columbus Colosseum.




Uiltje Brewing Company

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