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Biertype: Märzen, Smoked Beer
Smaakcategorie: Intens & Uitdagend

Serie: Cambrian Series

Verpakking: Blik

Dit bier werd gebrouwen in 2022.

Smoked Märzen. Release: 21 januari 2022.

541 million years ago, the Cambrian Explosion saw a radiation of complex marine species, from which life evolved as we know it today. The Cambrian Series is where experiments, one-offs and collaborations explode into being. Where ideas come to life as beer, no matter how short-lived.

During the summer of 2021 team Haring went on a research trip to Bamberg - the capital of smoked lagers. Marrella is the result of the vast amounts of knowledge consumed there. Prost!


  water, mout (rauchmalz, munich, melanoiden, carafa), hop (Herkules, Tettnanger), gist (W34/70)


Brouwerij De Kromme Haring

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