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Brewersjuice, Brewersjuice, Brewersjuice!

Biertype: IPA - Triple New England / Hazy
Smaakcategorie: Intens & Uitdagend

Verpakking: Blik

Drinking a beer from a new brewer?⁠
You should have called me sooner!⁠
Does your beer taste silly?⁠
Oops that is a lactobasilly!⁠

Who is gonna be your saviour?⁠
A guy with peculiar behaviour!⁠
Say my name three times!⁠
Forget about my tasty crimes.⁠

Oh no, it is almost the end of fermentation.⁠
Give in to that naughty temptation.⁠
Yes. Yes! YES!⁠
“Brewersjuice. Brewersjuice! BREWERSJUICE”⁠

Fresh & Fast release.


Uiltje Brewing Company

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