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Stichting Erfgoed Nederlandse Biercultuur


IDH7 Indianapolis

Verpakking: Blik

Dit bier werd gebrouwen in 2022.

Fresh & Fast.

"Ladies and Gentlemen. Start your Fermenting! ⁠ A jungle start, Nelson Sauvin gets the field loaded up and is first off throttle. IDH7 leads second with two young hops into turn 1. Great move from the three-time champion. Talus is looking for options but fails to pass the New Zealander Wakatu. OOH! Nelson Sauvin is in a pit road accident and lost it in the breaks and blocks Malt Alley! IDH7 takes the lead. Look at the crowd! The milk is going to Idaho! They know history is on the line. ⁠⁠Welcome to the four-time club, IDH7.⁠"


Uiltje Brewing Company

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