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Moon Under Water

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Biertype: Farmhouse Ale - Saison
Smaakcategorie: Amber & Elegant

Serie: Cambrian Series

Verpakking: Fles

Dit bier werd gebrouwen in 2021.

De brouwerij schrijft over dit bier op haar website:

541 million years ago, the Cambrian Explosion saw a radiation of complex marine species, from which life evolved as we know it today. Our Cambrian Series is where our experiments, one-offs and collaborations explode into being. Where ideas come to life as beer, no matter how short-lived.

Moon Under Water is a heartfelt synergetic dance between Brett and aged hops. The result is a dry and bitter saison with a rustic fruity nose. Age it for more funk or drink it now to quench that




Brouwerij De Kromme Haring

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