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Biertype: Sour - Other

Biertypering(en): Collaboration

Verpakking: Fles

Dit bier werd gebrouwen in 2021.

Gebrouwen bij:
Mills Brewing (in 2021)

Dinkum was brewed using an amalgamation of both Mills Brewing and Nevel's approaches to making wild fermented beers. In this vein, they first produced a rich copper wort utilising floor malted, toasted and crystal malts from Warminster Maltings. To the boiling wort they added a mix of new growth blackberry leaves, picked from the lanes around the Mills brewery, and Mystic hops, a new British variety displaying blackcurrant and citrus flavours. The finished wort was fermented in two red Bordeaux barrels with a mix of both Mills and Nevel's yeast cultures.

After 12 months the resulting beer was blended with two additional barrels of Bordeaux barrel-fermented 20-month-old amber beer, made with dark Munich malts.




Mills Brewing Nevel

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