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James Blonde

Biertype: IPA - Brut
Smaakcategorie: Soepel & Subtiel

Biertypering(en): Limited Edition

Verpakking: Blik

Gin Tonic Brut IPA. Fresh & Fast release 25 februari 2021.

"I thought Christmas comes only once a year." - James Blonde
Not at Uiltje though, we have got presents for you all year around. So listen up, Gin & Tonic lovers, we have got a special treat for you, This week's Fresh & Fast is the one and only James Blonde Gin Tonic Brut IPA! You might wonder what makes this beer taste like this fancy drink James Blonde likes to drink so much? A hint, we don't actually infuse Gin & Tonic into this beer. Juniper Berries, Lime Peel and Kinine make the magic happen. Clever, huh!?

Don't forget to scan the yellow code on the can to listen to the smoothest James Blonde Fresh & Fast Spotify playlist.

#FreshandFast #StoreColdDrinkFresh




Uiltje Brewing Company

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