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Piewee The Pineapple Weizen

Biertype: Weizen
Smaakcategorie: Fris & Fruitig

In productie: Ja
Vast assortiment: Ja

Verpakking: Blik, Fles, Fust

Pineapple Weizen

"Feelin' Hot Hot Hot? This amazing pineapple infused weizen beer is exactly what you need! The tropical flavors along with the strong and slightly sour weizen flavors make this Pineapple Weizen a must-have for all beer lovers! This Pineapple Weizen is fruity and quite hazy as well, a tropical surprise!

This stunningly fresh weizen beer also won a silver medal at the Dutch Beer Awards 2018, in the category of weizen beer. And you can taste this by it's high quality and unorthodox flavors. Pineapple Weizen is not just a tropical beer, it's your Kokomo! It will get there fast, until you take it slow!

Order your batch of Pineapple Weizen today, and you'll be able to taste the sweet freshness of the tropics yourself! The solid ABV percentage of 5% makes this a treat to drink, watch out when drinking it in hot temperatures though!"


  water, mout (Pilsner,Tarwe,Wheat, Oats), hop, gist


Uiltje Brewing Company

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